Woodville Lacrosse Club Inc - Adelaide, South Australia - est 1899


Information for Overseas Players

Lacrosse in Australia

Lacrosse in Australia can trace its roots back to 1876, when visiting Canadian Lambton L Mount introduced the game to Melbourne. Lacrosse was introduced to South Australia by Professor Bragg (a Nobel prize winner in Physics) in 1883 and it followed that in 1888 the South Australian Lacrosse Association (now Lacrosse SA) was formed. The Woodville Lacrosse Club was formed in 1899 and with a proud history is one of Australia's premier clubs today.

Today, lacrosse is played predominantly in the major cities of Australia, with the strongest centres being in Melbourne (Victoria), Adelaide (South Australia) and Perth (Western Australia). Despite being Australia's largest city, lacrosse in Sydney (New South Wales) is not very strong, especially for men's lacrosse. Some organised lacrosse can also be found in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (Queensland), and in Hobart (Tasmania). However, for those who are serious about playing lacrosse in Australia, it is recommended to go to either of Adelaide, Melbourne or Perth. Lacrosse is a club-based winter sport in Australia, with games played on Saturdays from April until September. The majority of clubs field both men's and women's teams in a number of divisions of senior (open age) and junior (under age) grades.

About the Woodville Lacrosse Club - The Warriors

The Woodville Lacrosse Club (the Warriors) is a member of the Lacrosse SA association of clubs, which is in turn a member of the national governing body, the Australian Lacrosse Association. The Club is located in the northwestern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is a coastal city of a million people with hot, dry summers and cool to mild winters, and is located 750km (500mi) northwest of Melbourne and 1200km (750mi) west of Sydney. The Warriors boast such names as Peter Inge (Boston Cannons and San Francisco Dragons - MLL, 2002 All-World Team, Australian Team 1998-2002-2006), James Inge (Australian Team 1998-2002) and Kate Threadgold (Virginia Tech 2002-2004, Australian U19 team 1999) as products of the Club.

The senior men's team was the dominant State League team in the last decade, winning five consecutive premierships from 1998 to 2002, with further premiership success in 2005, 2007 and 2008. The team achieved ultimate success in 2008 when it won the inaugural national competition, the Australian Club Championship. The senior women's team returned to the State League competition after winning the League Reserve premiership in 2004 and featuring some fresh young talent, are undergoing a steady rebuilding phase.

Overseas Players Eligibility

The rules of the Lacrosse SA State League competitions state that there may be a maximum of three male and three female overseas players in each club's State League team at any one time. There are no restrictions on overseas-born players who reside in Australia on a permanent basis. An invitation to all prospective players is open for season 2014. Applications will close on 31 January 2014, and applicants will be notified of their success or otherwise by 28 February 2014.

Playing Lacrosse for the Warriors

The Woodville Lacrosse Club will endeavour to provide accommodation for visiting players, and assist with any other facets of their stay, including providing work opportunities or helping to look for work. In return, visiting players will be required to help out the Club with junior coaching and development or other tasks to help with the general running of the Club.

Americans aged between 18-30 with a tertiary education who seeking to work while they stay in Australia are able to apply for a 12-month working holiday visa. Follow this link for further information on the visa and how to apply for it. Ensure that when applying, your passport number is entered correctly because if it is not and they make a mistake, it could take them a long time to redo all of the application forms and there will be delays in receiving your visa.

Canadians, Britons and Japanese and many other nationalities are also able to apply for a 12-month working holiday visa, without requiring a tertiary education. Click here for further information.

If you wish to apply to come and play for the Woodville Lacrosse Club, please send a letter of intent as well as details of your playing history and a list of two or three contactable references to Charles Manning at osplayers@warriorslax.com.